Fill up Your Tank This Season

With winter weather quickly approaching, be certain to keep your vehicle's tank full. Some gas stations can become closed, or pumps can become nonfunctional during heavy storms. In this situation, the last thing you need is to become stranded. Keep your tank full every month this winter to prevent winter-related accidents and issues.

Many people believe that they can keep their tank on empty, and save money on gas. This is untrue, and typically dangerous during the winter months. In fact, the majority of experts say that a full tank actually saves you money.

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Make Your Service Appointment with Us on Your Terms

Many people today barely have the time to be relaxing for five minutes, let alone sitting for hours in a service center waiting room hoping their car gets fixed in a timely manner. Now, these customers can utilize the dealership's online service scheduler to book an exact time when the car gets that service.

By using the online service scheduler to book your own appointments at the service center, no longer will you have to hope the waiting line is short. Simply access the software, choose a day that is best, pick a time you want the mechanic to…

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Why Choose Parts from the Local Car Dealership?

The parts you use to make repairs on your car can will either last, or they will fail soon and need replacing again. Buying cheaply made parts from a discount parts retailer may save you a dollar or two today, but you will be spending that money again for the same part in no time at all. Here is why you should be buying all your car parts from Mercedes-Benz of Westwood:

The dealership is selling parts that are OEM approved and made with superior parts. These parts have been crafted, so they replace the parts that were originally installed…

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Things to Consider on Your Pre-Road Trip Checklist

The easiest way to make certain that your road trip is uneventful is planning for it today. These tips are provided by our team at Mercedes-Benz of Westwood to help you safely reach your destination incident free:

Don't try looking for a hotel in the middle of the night when you are exhausted, pick a spot at the midway point of the drive and book the room now. This will mentally help you see…

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